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    The quality problem of formwork support in the industry

    2014/9/5 2:17:51
      Support frame in the shape of continuous influence product, according to the shape of the machining quality and precision is affected is relatively large. Of course, different material, according to the appearance or specifications and use in fact are not the same, the difference in mold molding and other different. Kunshan mold manufacturing
      Often in the production of mold when in fact with the other is can be counted in the whole process, the mold of speaking is to model content, of course, can quickly be products out constantly, but for the production of mold, there are a lot of people still don't know. In the course of life is not what you can make the appropriate alternative. In many lives with dies are quite close relationship.
      Many people know the material and product quality level is not high, of course, material consumption is also more serious, of course, factor of safety products, is not particularly high. Also visible in the construction industry has a scaffold more. It basically situation can only use three to five times, so often will waste more wood. 
      Finally, also can be said for the material quality are continuously improved, of course, mold industry is beneficial, but also improve the quality of quality materials with products, have advantage of content appear in competition.
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